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How to Use Concrete Nails

Driving nails into concrete is no one's idea of a good time, but when there is no alternative, a few pointers can help make it easier and less dangerous. One of the best ways to reduce the effort involved in this task is to drive the nails before the concrete has completely cured. As it ages, concrete becomes dense and hard, so you may not be able to penetrate it without some high-powered help.

Safety First

Concrete nails bear a passing resemblance to wood nails, but they have thicker shanks that frequently have vertical ribs for easier penetration. Because they are made of hardened steel, they pose a danger to the person driving them -- because striking one with a hammer also made of hardened steel, such as a framing hammer, has the potential to send tiny shards of metal flying through air. These shards can penetrate skin and injure unprotected eyes. Safety precautions include wearing eye protection and gloves, as well as driving the nails with a small sledge hammer, which is made of softer steel than a framing hammer, so it doesn't shatter and throw off metal splinters.

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